Don't Wink In Da' Dark

  • Mink Lashes
  • 100%  Cruelty Free
  • Reusable up to 25-30 wears with proper care


  • Our lashes comes in one standard size to allow you custom trim them to your gorge eye shape.

Don't be rough with your lash. Don't pull or tug when applying or removing them. If you find it difficult to remove the lashes from your eyelid dampen a cotton bud with water and rub it gently over the band to loosen the adhesive.

Apply mascara to your own natural lashes before applying falsies, NO mascara on your falsies  it helps keep your lashes looking beautiful 


After each use or as needed remove any excess glue gently with tweezer or your fingers remember! be gently

Keep your lashes away from dust, dirt & bacteria by always storing them safely in their boxes.


PLEASE NOTE: Package delivery times may be extended due to the COVID-19 impact.

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